Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair

In Chicago and the surrounding areas, chipped windshields most commonly occur due to loose asphalt resulting from winter and spring freezing and thawing of road services.

The good news? In the majority of cases, windshield repair for chips and stones is both easy and affordable. The key is for vehicle owners to call upon the services of a trained auto windshield repair expert as soon as damage becomes visually noticeable.

What does a Windshield Repair Involve?

At ClearVision in the city of Joliet and surrounding areas, we restore full strength to chipped windshields by using a clear liquid resin used for windshield repair only. When set and polished, you’ll then have a great looking result that is guaranteed to not spread or crack any further for the life on the windshield. The great news is that it is hardly noticeable after the repair has been made, as we can clear it up between 60% and 85% in most all cases.

Is My Windshield Suitable for Repair?

If you have allowed a chip to worsen into a cracked or a partially shattered windshield, our windshield repair service is no longer an option. As a general rule, however, our windshield repair experts will be able to help prevent that if:

  • You don’t have any more than 3 chips in your vehicle windshield
  • The chips are smaller than an inch and half in diameter
  • The damage itself isn’t in a drivers line of sight – although it’s not illegal to repair, it is frowned upon
  • The damage is not located directly in front of an immovable camera or windshield sensor

No Stress Repairs

The potential for chips in a windshield to quickly worsen should not be underestimated. The question is not if the chip will spread, but more so when will it spread.

Cracks can be worsened by:

  • Any drastic temperature change from hot to cold or cold to hot
  • Hitting a pothole
  • Slamming of a door

Thankfully, at ClearVision, we don’t make you wait a moment longer than you need to in order to have a chip in your windshield professionally repaired. Whether at home, at work, or at your local grocery store, we can come to you. We strive for convenience, as our windshield repair process will usually take just 25 minutes. After that, you can continue your day without any further worry about your windshield!

Never Let a Windshield Repair Wait

When a chip is present in a windshield, it is important to remember that the longer a chip remains, the longer you and your passenger’s safety is at risk

Professional windshield repair can cost as little as $75 and up to $120 for the first chip. Allowing problems to worsen, however, will often lead to repair costs escalating higher into $100’s. This being the case, don’t wait. Invest in fast, efficient, same day windshield repair now by calling ClearVision at (779) 875-9222.

Happy Clients

What our clients are saying with our winshield repair

“I would highly recommend ClearVision for rock chip windshield repair. I can not even tell where the chips were and I was shocked when I found out the low cost of my repairs. As a dentist, I’m a very busy. The mobile service got to me fast and was extremely convenient. The repair itself was fast too! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of windshield repair.”

Dr. Trevison
Dentist, Coal City

“ClearVision has been servicing my dealership for 5 years. Bill is very flexible with my needs as a dealership and his service is very reliable, so I would recommend him and ClearVision.”

Brian Haggerty
Buick GMC

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